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  • (June 2001) The latest issue of the Statistical Education Research Newsletter rounds up the debate about priority research questions in statistical education. It also raises the question of students' attitudes and feelings in learning Statistics and provides a bibliography on Emotional Mathematics that can be of help to researchers in statistical education.

  • (June 2001) "Women and Men in Europe and North America" is a recent United Nations publication that provides information on the economic, political and social differences which separate men and women. It contains 54 country profiles that reveal gender inequalities in different countries of the region.

  • (March 2001) A book in Spanish by Carmen Batanero (Carmen.Batanero@ugr.es), prepared for use in a course on "Didactics in Statistics" at the University of Granada, Spain, can be downloaded from the web under the heading: Batanero, C. (2001). Didactica de la Estadistica . The course is offered in the final year for majors in Statistical Sciences and Techniques at that university.

  • (February 2001) An award in honor of Florence N. David (1909-1993) was approved by the Council of Presidents of Statistical Societies (COPSS) in the USA last summer. It will be awarded for the first time this year, according to the latest newsletter of the Caucus for Women in Statistics whose proposal led to the establishment of this award. The F N David Award will be granted to a female statistician "who serves as a role model to other women by her contributions to the profession through excellence in research, leadership of multidisciplinary collaborative groups, statistics education, or service to the professional societies." Documented nominations may be submitted to Caucus president Nancy Allen (nallen@ets.org) at O2-T, Educational Testing Service, Rosedale Road, Princeton, NJ 08541-0001.

  • (January 2001) The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Program on Europe and Central Asia, International Division, has announced a "Women's International Science Collaboration Program 2001-2002". The grant is for US citizens or permanent residents who plan to establish research partnerships with colleagues in Central/Eastern Europe and the newly independent states of the former Soviet Union. For more details, contact Karen Grill (kgrill@aaas.org). Deadlines for receipt of the completed applications are March 15 and July 15, 2001, and January 15, 2002.

  • (January 2001) The Statistical Education Research Newsletter, which is published three times a year, is starting its second year with a debate about research questions in statistical education. The current issue carries reactions by 12 statistics educators to a previous article pointing to priority areas in research, and response to these reactions will appear in the next issue.

  • (October 2000) Women graduate students from countries outside the United States can apply for a $16,860 fellowship from the American Association of University Women (AAUW) Educational Foundation for study or research in the United States. International Fellowships are available to women who are not American citizens or permanent residents. Of the 47 fellowships awarded, 6 are available to members of the International Federation of University Women for graduate study in a country other than their own. The Foundation also awards several annual Home Country Project grants which support community-based projects designed to improve the lives of women and girls in a fellow's home country. More information is available on the the AAUW website, where an application form can be downloaded.

  • (October 2000) Travel grants for women researchers in the USA, supported by the National Science Foundation and the Association for Women in Mathematics, are awarded three times a year with applications due February 1, May 1, and October 1. The objective of this Grants Program is to enable women to attend research conferences in their fields, which include certain areas of Statistics but excludes most Mathematics Education and History of Mathematics. More information can be obtained from the Association for Women in Mathematics by e-mail.

  • (October 2000) The third issue of the Statistical Education Research Newsletter, dated September 2000, contains reports on the IASE Round Table Conference on Training Researchers in the Use of Statistics, which took place in Tokyo, Japan, in August, and on several forthcoming activities concerning research in statistical education.

  • (October 2000) The recently upgraded Women and Science website contains extensive information about "Gender Sensitive Indicators". Research on this subject is being carried out at the Women and Science sector of the European Commission Directorate General for Research.

  • (October 2000) Participation by women at the conference on "Statistics, Development and Human Rights", which was held in Montreux, Switzerland, in early September, was notably higher than is generally seen at such meetings - thanks to deliberate planning by the conference's Scientific Committee, of whom CWS member Denise Lievesley was a member. Women gave 43% of the keynote/introductory/concluding addresses, constituted 26% of discussants, 23% of chairs, and 19% of the speakers. CWS chair Beverley Carlson presented an invited paper on "Women in Statistics: Where are We" which is referenced on the 1999-2000 ACTIVITIES page of this website.

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